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We created a practical plan to address the stark realities of our community of Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru. The plan is based on 12 months of research and insights of our local people. With a lense to both the past and the future, we see this plan as being the catalyst for change. For the plan and its solutions to be successful, we must come together to ensure the environment we foster allows for opportunity and quality choices to change.

A benefit already realised through the development of the plan has been the creation of more open communication pathways. The Community Reference group, who guided the development phase, and now guide the implementation phase have been the example, as they now better understand each other’s information needs, and have taken the initiative to start working better together for more than just the set solutions of the plan, but for its true intent – to enable whānau transformation in the Ruapehu rohe, through providing an environment and community that is much more receptive of whānau driven transformation, allowing it to not only exist, but to thrive.

We will create an environment that supports whānau in making choices to realise their own aspirations, and to determine their own pathways for change.

The Plan
The Scoping Report



Focus Groups
There are five focus areas of importance in this plan which impact on the overall wellbeing of whānau, they are education, employment, housing, health and social. To be thriving across these five areas, is to be thriving in life.

The five focus areas each have two key opportunities for transformation. They are based on the evidence captured in the Ruapehu Scoping Report and identified as potentially making the greatest positive impact for whānau in Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru.

The solutions that sit under each focus area, aim to address both opportunities together. They do this by addressing the complexities of the issues that have created barriers to transformation in the past.

To formulate the programme of solutions we engaged our community to learn lessons of what would work in the Ruapehu rohe. The Community Reference Group brainstormed potential solutions and the resulting 23 have been affirmed as the initiatives and action that will bring about real change.

It is important to note that the solutions will be fit for purpose; they will address the identified needs of our rohe, ensuring that each solution and the way that it is implemented will be effective in enabling positive transformation. Some of the solutions are bold and we expect them to cause ground-breaking changes.

As we developed the plan we learnt that when you create the space for innovation and positive change, insights arise and people are motivated to act on those insights.

We expect to learn many new lessons throughout the implementation about what works and what doesn’t. We foresee that as more people and groups contribute to the process the expected outcomes from the solutions will be exceeded.

Through the monitoring framework within the Scoping Report we will track the progress and effectiveness of the solutions against the measurable areas of opportunity. We realise that the 23 solutions are only the beginning for this inspiring and transformative journey. We believe that they will create the right conditions for change, but the conditions will need to be sustained and enhanced. Therefore the findings of the monitoring framework will also provide a strong evidence base for more innovative solutions, beyond the four years of this plan.

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