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Opportunities > Increase Numeracy & Literacy attainment
> Increase school leavers attaining NCEA Level 2 or above
> Connect local jobs & local workers
> Local workforce has the right capacity
> Increase available houses to rent
> Increase & of healthy homes
> Increase availability & access to local services
> Collaborate across service providers
> Stronger whanau
> Connected, cohesive, collaborating communities

Solutions 1. Ruapehu Learning Journal
2. Whānau Reading, Literacy & Numeracy Programme
3. Community Tagging
4. NCEA Whānau events
5. Community Work Broker
6. Community Careers Expo
7. Trades Training
8. Local Skill Needs Analysis
9. Community Learning Centre
10. Housing Needs survey and Action Plan
11. Sponsored Home Owner programme
12. Healthy homes initiative
13. Property WOF
14. Research alternative housing developments
15. Hauora Navigator
16. Wellbeing Expo
17. Hauora Yellow Pages
18. Integrated Service Centre – one stop shop
19. Ruapehu TopTown
20. Extend Kaitoko Whānau programme
21. Community Values (Maunga, Tangata, Tukotahi)
22. Community technology hub
23. Street by street initiative

Our Purpose To enable whānau transformation in the Ruapehu rohe

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Ruapehu Whanau Transformation