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Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Employment |

Inaugural Community Careers Expo – Huge Success! $1million worth

Inaugural Community Careers Expo – Huge Success! $1million worth

In February 2014, we held the inaugural Community Careers Expo. Focussed heavily on connecting local workers with local jobs, the 31 employment outcomes of the 3 hour event superseded our target and own expectations!
The Careers Expo resulted in a number of benefits. The interest and engagement from the local businesses now, with the Ruapehu Whānau Transformation plan and projects has increased.
All attendees were surprised and impressed with the number of employment opportunities and local career pathways that are actually available – this was a great start to changing the perception that there “isn’t much work here”!

150 locals attended. 36 industry groups attended. 70+ jobseekers registered on our newly created ‘Job-seeker’ database. 45+ jobseekers partook in ‘speed-dating’ style interviews at the event – the atmosphere from which was thoroughly enjoyed by jobseekers and employers alike.

31 LOCALS WERE CONNECTED WITH A LOCAL JOB. All roles were paying over the minimum wage, and primarily awarded to those previously unemployed.
Crude calculations estimate that that’s an extra $1mill into local whānau homes, and into our local economy per annum! A huge achievement for the project, and for the events first year!