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Whānau who are happy, vibrant, and strong collective entities, who will have the necessary information, knowledge and skills to prosper. A holistic approach to the implementation of the solutions in this focus area will be important.

These are solutions to create and foster strong everyday relationships in our rohe where whānau will provide each other and other whānau with the communal support required to self-generate change.

It will take time, love, laughter and meaningful conversations for whānau to realise what these areas of opportunity seek to achieve. It will take vision to recognise the strength that already exists within whānau to achieve them.



Stronger whānau (moving from dependent, to interdependent, and then independent whānau)

The greatest and most sustainable change comes from within the home and within the whānau. There is an opportunity to strengthen the whānau collective for them to see their own potential and let their traditions guide them to create pathways toward transformation that will achieve their desired aspirations.

Connected, Cohesive, Collaborating communities

To invest in our people, is to invest in the certainty of our future. There is a great opportunity to strengthen the connections between whānau within and across the townships of Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru.

This is an area of opportunity where we have to invest in each other, by having faith and trust in our fellow whānau and community members.

It is through this where we gain collective strength and a unified voice to both provide, and demand, better opportunities and choices for all whānau.



These are the Social solutions, set by local whānau, to provide the stepping stones toward capitalising on the areas of opportunity above.

Ruapehu TopTown

Top Town was a well-known New Zealand game show series where teams from different towns competed in various obstacle challenges against each other. The Raetihi, Ohakune, Waiouru version of TopTown will encourage community interaction, through safe, fun, family-friendly competition. A summer challenge to be held in Waiouru and a winter challenge to be held on Koro Ruapehu will be designed and delivered. These could be annual events.


Extend Kaitoko Whānau Programme

The Kaitoko whānau programme focuses on improving service delivery and fostering the positive development for families. Kaitoko whānau work alongside families experiencing hardship, and assist them to connect with government agencies, local councils, and other social service providers ensuring families receive all of the assistance available to them. In addition, Kaitoko whānau liaise with community groups to promote a wider network of support for whānau.10 The way in which the programme has been implemented within the Ruapehu rohe has shown great success. The programme has much more potential to enable greater whānau-driven transformation.

The success of Raetihi, Ohakune, Waiouru model has been incredibly effective in evoking self-generating change for whānau. We want to extend the model beyond connecting whānau with social services, to connecting whānau with their aspirations. Strong communication pathways will be maintained between this programme, the Hauora Navigator and the Community work broker.


Community Values

To establish value statements as a community, across Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru that will continue to unite our efforts toward achieving the purpose of this plan, but even greater than that, to guide the ways in which we engage with each other, our environment and our visitors. The value statements will be posted around the community for all to know, understand and be reminded of.


Community Technology Hub

An inspirational and safe space for digital learning and socialising, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to connect our rural community of Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru with the world. It will be established inside the community learning centre.

It will allow our community to prepare for, and engage with the continuous technological advances of today and tomorrow. It will also encourage future learning pathways in to: information technology services, graphic & animation design, and media and film industries.


Street by Street Initiative

Through a planned approach, street events across Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru will be organised to encourage neighbourly interaction and strengthen the support networks of whānau and the community. The approach focusses on one street at a time.


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